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12 Orange Roses, 12 Yellow Roses And Birthday Balloon
12 Orange Roses, 12 Yellow Roses And Birthday Balloon

12 Orange Roses, 12 Yellow Roses And Birthday Balloon

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15 July Today
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17 July Wednesday


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Product Details
Yellow Rose : 12 pcs Orange Gazebo Rose : 12 pcs

Celebrate life's special moments with our exquisite arrangement of 12 orange roses, 12 yellow roses and birthday balloon. This unique offering features the ethereal beauty of Limonium, artfully arranged with the vibrant hues of Orange Rose and Yellow Rose, creating a captivating symphony of colors. Each flower is carefully selected and placed in a custom designed flower box, transforming it into an artistic masterpiece. This arrangement is completed with a cheerful Birthday Balloon, making it the perfect birthday gift or a heartfelt "gift for love."

Although some flowers may arrive unopened due to seasonal conditions, they promise to bloom beautifully within 1-2 days at room temperature, adding another layer of joy to this gift. Remember that nothing says "I care" like the rose, a flower that perfectly symbolizes love and appreciation. Why wait? Gift your loved ones today with this sublime blend of natural beauty, a gift idea as timeless as your affection.

Product Code: lfbun182
Reviews (32)

Excelente servicio Gracias

J*** S*** Verified Purchase 10-07-2024


V*** R*** Verified Purchase 18-03-2024

Gracias, muy bien

A*** L*** F*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2024

I*** R*** Verified Purchase 19-01-2024

super super recomendados, excelente comunicación, servicio y las flores super bellas y fresas, fue mi primera compra y volveré a comprar

G*** M*** Verified Purchase 13-01-2024

I*** Z*** D*** L*** C*** Verified Purchase 09-12-2023

Muchas gracias por el producto, está precioso

A*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2023

Todo perfecto tal cual lo pedí. Muchas gracias

I*** G*** C*** Verified Purchase 12-10-2023

El pedido llego a tiempo.

S*** T*** R*** Verified Purchase 29-09-2023

Muy bonito!

P*** C*** Verified Purchase 09-09-2023

M*** Verified Purchase 19-02-2023

A*** H*** Verified Purchase 09-08-2022

Igual al de la imagen, excelente seguimiento del servicio

M*** S*** Verified Purchase 01-08-2022

Excelente servicio! Variedad en las opciones de regalo, entrega rápida y de acuerdo a lo prometido! Gracias 😊

A*** S*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2022

E*** S*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2022

G*** Verified Purchase 20-04-2022

L*** L*** Verified Purchase 09-04-2022

Entregaron mi pedido el mismo día, genial!!

S*** S*** P*** Verified Purchase 03-04-2022

A*** S*** Verified Purchase 02-03-2022

Me encantó, las rosas padrisimas

M*** A*** G*** Verified Purchase 24-01-2022

J*** A*** B*** F*** Verified Purchase 15-01-2022

Excelente servicio y calidad en las flores recibidas!! Estoy feliz mil Gracias

F*** R*** Verified Purchase 07-01-2022

A*** R*** L*** Verified Purchase 31-12-2021

Muy buen servicio muchas gracias

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 11-12-2021

Really good service, delivered on time, no complaints at all... very happy!!

A*** D*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2021

Excelente servicio!

E*** S*** B*** Verified Purchase 11-10-2021

Un excelente regalo y a tiempo :)

R*** Verified Purchase 17-09-2021

Muy amable y muy bonito arreglo, además de rápido a la entrega.

G*** P*** Verified Purchase 02-09-2021

M*** A*** Verified Purchase 01-09-2021

Mil Gracias !!!! Excelente servicio, fue súper rápida la entrega después de que realice mi pedido el mismo día

M*** E*** C*** A*** Verified Purchase 08-08-2021

A tiempo y excelente servicio

G*** S*** Verified Purchase 07-08-2021

P*** P*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2021