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20 Red Roses
20 Red Roses

20 Red Roses

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This product is the favorite of 474 people.
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Product Details
Red Rose : 20 pcs

We present the elegant and captivating arrangement 20 Red Rosas, an impressive floral work of art designed to fall in love with his loved one. This exquisite bouquet has 20 red rose vibrant, elegantly placed inside a stylized glass vase, and delicately adorned with gypsophilias to create the perfect harmony of color and texture. The 20 Red Rosas floral arrangement is the ideal gift to express your love, worship and appreciation on any special occasion.

Each red roses in this impressive branch is meticulously selected by hand by our florist experts, ensuring that only the coolest and radiant flowers are used to create this unique arrangement in its type. The Pristine Crystal vase not only provides the ideal showcase for these lovely roses, but also serves as a lasting memory, allowing his loved one to appreciate this sense gesture in the coming years.

The delicate Gypsophilias that adorn this arrangement add an ethereal touch, further enhancing the seductive beauty of the red roses. These lovely details contrast with the intense red of the roses, making the arrangement 20 Red Roses a true work of art that will captivate and inspire.

Note that, due to seasonal conditions, some flowers of the arrangement can be sent closed or unopened. Be sure that these closed flowers will open in 1-2 days at room temperature, gradually revealing all the splendor of the 20 red roses.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lfbor023
Reviews (64)

C*** M*** Verified Purchase 15-02-2024

Excelente el arreglo de flores, deficiente la impresion de la tarjeta/mensaje incluido en el arreglo. Salvo este detalle todo perfecto.

R*** M*** Z*** V*** Verified Purchase 26-01-2024

Gracias por el servicio, fue eficaz y a tiempo.

M*** A*** M*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-01-2024


R*** L*** Verified Purchase 10-01-2024

Great flowers and excellent service. Highly recommend and will use again.

E*** J*** Verified Purchase 03-01-2024

Excelente servicio, muchas gracias.

E*** P*** Verified Purchase 27-12-2023

traia dos rosas quemadas, sino hubiera estado perfecto

L*** R*** Verified Purchase 15-12-2023

Y*** M*** Verified Purchase 02-12-2023

Buen servicio pero deberían poner quien recibe el regalo

I*** E*** Verified Purchase 31-10-2023

E*** A*** D*** L*** T*** O*** Verified Purchase 22-10-2023

Muy bonito!

D*** C*** N*** M*** Verified Purchase 12-10-2023

Muchas gracias por el apoyo

G*** V*** Verified Purchase 05-10-2023

J*** A*** M*** H*** Verified Purchase 26-09-2023

J*** R*** Verified Purchase 31-08-2023

Más que bello!

A*** O*** Verified Purchase 27-08-2023

Gracias por el servicio. Mi esposa muy contenta.

J*** C*** Verified Purchase 22-08-2023

F*** A*** Verified Purchase 15-08-2023

excelente servicio

M*** M*** Verified Purchase 10-08-2023

Todo perfecto, claro y rapido. Lo uso para mandar flores de Italia a Mexico desde años y el servicio siempre fue eficiente!

G*** A*** Verified Purchase 10-08-2023

recibido todo bien

A*** B*** Verified Purchase 01-08-2023

Excelente servicio

R*** L*** Verified Purchase 25-07-2023

J*** B*** Verified Purchase 21-07-2023

tienen productos muy hermosos y llegan a la hora solicitada, muy recomendable

G*** P*** Verified Purchase 15-07-2023

P*** Verified Purchase 12-07-2023

H*** G*** Verified Purchase 27-06-2023

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2023

O*** Verified Purchase 14-06-2023

M*** F*** Verified Purchase 06-06-2023

J*** J*** C*** Verified Purchase 30-05-2023

Excelente servicio

J*** L*** Verified Purchase 23-05-2023

Gracias por tu atención quedamos muy bien Y contentos con el detalle Saludos espero pronto volver a contar con tus servicios

J*** G*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2023

excelente servicio, calidad y precio

L*** C*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2023

Gracias, aunque no supe si recibió la tarjeta con el mensaje, vi la fotografía y me gustó mucho el arreglo. Este es el 2o cumpleaños que le enviamos flores con ustedes. Esperemos seguir así. Gracias!!

N*** D*** Verified Purchase 06-05-2023

Muchas Gracias

S*** A*** L*** M*** Verified Purchase 28-04-2023

R*** S*** Verified Purchase 20-04-2023

F*** R*** Verified Purchase 05-04-2023

Le encanto el detalle a mi esposa se los agradezco mucho súper recomendable

F*** L*** Verified Purchase 04-04-2023

excelente servicio y muy hermosas las rosas

A*** R*** Verified Purchase 04-04-2023

Los recomiendo, dan buen servicio de entrega y hay bonitas flores, tal vez faltaría más variedad en arreglos y temporalmente ofertas en el año. Sugiero que en las cuentas del pedido dejen la foto que envían cuando preparan el producto por favor. No siempre se puede contestar rápidamente el celular.

A*** D*** Verified Purchase 26-03-2023

Muchas gracias excelente.

B*** G*** Verified Purchase 22-01-2023

la rosas llegaron bien pero solo duraron 1 día por lo que no me agrado mucho ya que por lo regular duran más días.

L*** Verified Purchase 29-11-2022

Todo muy bien, muchas gracias !

L*** M*** Verified Purchase 14-11-2022

No es lo que pedí..al ser parecido entregaron uno de menor costo

L*** H*** Verified Purchase 04-07-2022

Mi novia quedó encantada 😃

M*** A*** V*** V*** Verified Purchase 25-04-2022

Excellent service, super easy to do it long distance, beautiful arrangement, excellent price.

N*** Verified Purchase 27-03-2022

Excelente servicio puntual y efectivo

R*** M*** Verified Purchase 17-03-2022


C*** Verified Purchase 02-03-2022

H*** A*** D*** C*** Verified Purchase 21-02-2022

Bello, mil gracias.

N*** S*** Verified Purchase 02-02-2022

Excelente servicio y pronta entrega, felicidades

G*** D*** Verified Purchase 12-01-2022