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36 Red Roses And Ferrero Chocolates
36 Red Roses And Ferrero Chocolates

36 Red Roses And Ferrero Chocolates

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Product Details
Ferrero Box 16 : 1 pcs Red Rose : 36 pcs

Do you seek an unforgettable way to express your love and affection? Do not look for more: our package of 36 red roses and Ferrero chocolates. This impressive floral arrangement includes 36 lush and velvety red roses, hand selected and carefully arranged to create a really impressive deployment. And if that were not enough, we have also included a delicious assortment of Ferrero Rocher, each of them wrapped in a luxurious golden sheet to add a touch of elegance.

But it is not a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, but a unique and special gift that will make your recipient feel loved and appreciated. These are just some of the main features and advantages of our package of 36 red roses and Ferrero chocolates:

- Unsurparable quality: we proud to select only the coolest and most beautiful roses for our arrangements, making sure that your bouquet looks impressive and lasts as long as possible. And with Ferrero Rocher chocolates, you can be sure that you are giving your loved one the best.

- Unforgettable presentation: Our florist experts are striving in the organization of your roses and chocolates, creating a shocking presentation that will surely impress. Whether you celebrate a special occasion and if you simply want to surprise someone special, our package of 36 red roses and bonones Ferrero is the perfect choice.

- Unmatched value: with 36 roses and a generous assortment of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, our package offers unparalleled value for its money. And with our comfortable online order process, it has never been so easy to send a sincere gift to someone who cares.

What expected? Ask for your package of 36 red roses and bubones Ferrero and show someone special how much it means to you. Whether to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or simply to say ""I love you"", this unique gift will happy the day.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lfbun047
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H*** A*** C*** C*** Verified Purchase 15-04-2024


E*** M*** Verified Purchase 10-04-2024

E*** E*** J*** Verified Purchase 12-02-2024

F*** S*** H*** Verified Purchase 16-05-2023

Muy buen servicio, les volveria a comprar muchas veces más!!!

M*** Verified Purchase 13-04-2023

buen servicio 👍 👌

L*** A*** Verified Purchase 27-07-2022

No le pongo 10 porque en la hora de entrega quedaron retrasados, en anteriores ocasiones todo bien pero este ultimo pedido se entrego con retardo. Saludos,

E*** M*** Verified Purchase 19-07-2022

J*** Verified Purchase 02-06-2022

M*** U*** Verified Purchase 05-05-2022

Sí cumplieron con el tiempo de entrega y el arreglo se veía como en la imagen.

A*** O*** V*** Verified Purchase 22-02-2022

Excelente servicio y las rosas preciosas. Todo excelente

M*** C*** Verified Purchase 13-02-2022

V*** C*** Verified Purchase 25-01-2022

Excelente servicio, el objetivo quedo encantada

C*** O*** Verified Purchase 19-01-2022

F*** R*** Verified Purchase 08-01-2022

Excelente la prontitud en la entrega del servicio y eso ew muy bueno y el articulo excelente

A*** P*** R*** Verified Purchase 20-12-2021

J*** M*** Verified Purchase 15-12-2021

Excelente servicio, muy amables.

A*** Verified Purchase 13-12-2021

Excelnte atencion, muy recomendable flores bonitas y frescas

G*** S*** Verified Purchase 26-11-2021

C*** E*** Verified Purchase 12-11-2021


G*** P*** Verified Purchase 06-10-2021

G*** J*** Verified Purchase 24-08-2021

Entrega en tiempo y con calidad

M*** F*** Verified Purchase 23-08-2021

Buen servicio, muchas gracias

M*** O*** Verified Purchase 17-08-2021

Todo excelente, mil gracias

M*** A*** C*** P*** Verified Purchase 07-08-2021


M*** C*** Verified Purchase 29-07-2021

Muy puntual, solo que no me permitia ver mi pedido completo realmente....

C*** N*** Verified Purchase 26-07-2021

C*** Verified Purchase 20-07-2021

A*** D*** P*** P*** Verified Purchase 13-07-2021

El arreglo fue gratamente recibido y halagado por su acertada presentación.

E*** R*** L*** Verified Purchase 12-07-2021

Lo recibieron en tiempo y es que escogí Gracias

C*** B*** Verified Purchase 11-06-2021

Excelente servicio y a un buen precio, claro que lo recomiendo ampliamente

J*** Verified Purchase 08-06-2021

Un servicio de lujo. Con una atención rápida y muy eficiente. Muchas gracias

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Súper recomendado, muchas gracias.

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Excelente servicio, informan cada proceso de tu pedido por mensaje y confirmación de llegada.

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Cumplimiento de entrega y dia establecido en el horario elegido

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V*** Verified Purchase 14-04-2021

Excelente servicio

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excelente servicio...

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 06-04-2021

J*** P*** Verified Purchase 06-04-2021

Super rápido y muy buen servicio

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Increíble servicio! Rapido y dentro del horario que solicite

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Perfecto como siempre!

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Excelente servicio

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