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5 Red Roses - I Love You
5 Red Roses - I Love You

5 Red Roses - I Love You

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Product Details
Red Rose : 5 pcs

This branch of 5 red roses is very special for particular occasions. Each number of roses in a branch have a special meaning, and in this case 5 roses mean that you love a person and worry about her. This flower arrangement created by expert florists includes:

5 long stem roses.
Decorative plants.

In addition to the emotion that this arrangement emanates, it is a very nice detail to decorate different spaces. The long stem of the roses causes it to adapt perfectly to different vases, so it will work very well as a nice decorative element.

The best part of this arrangement is that despite seeing itself as a small detail, it has a great meaning behind. You can easily add a message explaining the meaning behind the five roses, and the reason you chose this number for that special person.

The red rose, by itself, is a great symbol of love and passion. Since countless times, this flower represents the great feelings that one person feels for another, and there is something mystical in their form, petals, color, and structure that makes it a lovely flower in view of all. different occasions in which you can give this bouquet of 5 roses:

Anniversary or month compliance.
In the form of congratulations for having reached some achievement.

Although there are different special occasions to give this bouquet, we consider that the best is ... none. Exactly, this is a bouquet to surprise a person when you least expect it, to express your love without any important date, and simply do it because yes.

Product Code: lf301
Reviews (1551)

Mi amiga se sorprendió mucho por la sorpresa, pensé que iba a ser una entrega difícil por que es un edificio muy grande pero todo salió a la perfección. Gracias

E*** C*** Verified Purchase 11-07-2024

S*** T*** Verified Purchase 11-07-2024

En general el producto fue exacto respecto a la imagen, cumplieron con su objetivo. El tema inicial de logística fue un desastre, pero tuvo una solución oportuna por parte del servicio al cliente. 9/10

A*** Z*** A*** C*** Verified Purchase 11-07-2024

Excelente servicio

O*** S*** Verified Purchase 10-07-2024

G*** G*** Verified Purchase 10-07-2024

Me encanto, elegante, pequeño, entregado a tiempo

M*** E*** C*** F*** Verified Purchase 09-07-2024

F*** R*** E*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

S*** N*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

excelente servicio

L*** D*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

H*** M*** Verified Purchase 06-07-2024

excelente servicio

M*** Verified Purchase 05-07-2024

excelente servicio, justo a tiempo

J*** Verified Purchase 04-07-2024

A*** B*** Verified Purchase 04-07-2024

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 03-07-2024

muchas gracias 👍

A*** B*** O*** Verified Purchase 03-07-2024

¡Muchas gracias! Mi novia ama las flores.

A*** W*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2024

A*** P*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2024

servicio excelente, soy cliente frecuente!! pero Las últimas 2 ocasiones que he agarrado Flores ya Han llegado un poco marchitas a su Destino, fuera de eso siempre recomendados, detalle minúsculo en El cual se puede trabajar y corregir!!! GRACIAS

R*** S*** Verified Purchase 30-06-2024

M*** V*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2024

Ordered from The Netherlands the day before. Super fast delivery, very fast support with address changes and friendly responses! Will definitely order here again!

J*** V*** D*** P*** Verified Purchase 28-06-2024

Las persona que recibió las flores muy complacida. Siempre he quedado bien con los arreglos de Lolaflora

V*** S*** Verified Purchase 28-06-2024

A*** H*** Verified Purchase 28-06-2024

I*** Verified Purchase 28-06-2024

Bien realizar y entregado en el horario acordado

E*** Verified Purchase 27-06-2024

J*** P*** Verified Purchase 27-06-2024

R*** Verified Purchase 26-06-2024

Entregado en tiempo

D*** A*** B*** O*** Verified Purchase 25-06-2024

Todo excelente muy bien gracias, igual pudieran poner promociones

S*** C*** Verified Purchase 25-06-2024

R*** P*** Verified Purchase 25-06-2024

como siempre me han hecho quedar muy bien Solo que yo hablo desde Buenos Aires y los impuestos son de un inusitado alto valor podrían establecer una cuota de descuento para ciertas regiones del mundo donde la imposición sea un factor inconveniente

E*** G*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2024

R*** P*** Verified Purchase 22-06-2024

excelente servicio

R*** M*** Verified Purchase 20-06-2024

Si , todo bien

I*** Verified Purchase 20-06-2024

R*** C*** B*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

J*** D*** R*** L*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

F*** O*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

Very quick delivery, amazing service. I loved it

M*** T*** Verified Purchase 16-06-2024

Excelente servicio gracias

J*** O*** Verified Purchase 14-06-2024

como siempre excelente servicio, gracias sigan así

C*** E*** F*** Verified Purchase 14-06-2024

Buen servicio

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-06-2024


A*** L*** Verified Purchase 13-06-2024

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-06-2024

No imprimieron la dedicatoria en la tarjeta ni el remitente,

D*** A*** Verified Purchase 09-06-2024

P*** Verified Purchase 06-06-2024

excelente servicio, muy puntual!!!

A*** J*** G*** Verified Purchase 05-06-2024

my girlfriend loved the presentation, and the flowers were delivered on time and with care.

D*** E*** Verified Purchase 04-06-2024

Excelente servicio, entrega en tiempo y forma.

P*** B*** Verified Purchase 04-06-2024

A*** T*** Verified Purchase 04-06-2024

D*** A*** Verified Purchase 31-05-2024