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8 White Roses in a Cylindrical Vase
8 White Roses in a Cylindrical Vase

8 White Roses in a Cylindrical Vase

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Product Details
White Rose : 8 pcs
Turn your special moments into unforgettable snapshots with the 8 White Roses in a Cylindrical Vase. This elegant floral arrangement by Lolaflora, with its 3*10 cylindrical vase, is a true delight for the eyes and a symbol of purity and unconditional love. White roses, meticulously selected for their freshness and unmatched beauty, stand out against the subtle green background of the gypsophila. This delicate floral filler is known for its ethereal charm and its ability to enhance the beauty of its accompanying flowers. Together, they create a visual symphony that captures the essence of life's most precious moments. The cylindrical vase, with its minimalist and modern design, perfectly complements the natural beauty of white roses. Made of clear glass, it allows a full view of the floral arrangement, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The Lolaflora experience would not be complete without our Lolaflora envelope and Lolaflora card stock. Personalize your message on this premium paper and infuse your words with your love and care. Lolaflora's 8 white roses in a cylindrical vase are more than a simple floral arrangement; They are a gift full of emotion that leaves a lasting impression. Whether to express your love, celebrate a special moment, or simply brighten someone's day, this floral arrangement is the perfect gift. In short, the 8 White Roses in a Cylindrical Vase are a declaration of eternal love, a symbol of purity and a floral masterpiece that will delight any recipient with its magnificent presentation. Place your order today at Lolaflora and share the joy!
Product Code: lfbor016
Reviews (320)

inclusive dice florero cilíndrico, sin embargo enviaron uno diferente, las flores ya las mandan ya extremadamente abiertas, y los pétalos ya se están cayendo!

L*** A*** M*** E*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

no han entregado mi pedido y ya aparece que como si lo hubieran mandado

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 02-07-2024


O*** V*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

Excelente Detalle

Á*** C*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

excelente comunicación

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

M*** O*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024


R*** M*** G*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

P*** G*** M*** Verified Purchase 15-06-2024

Great service

E*** G*** Verified Purchase 12-06-2024

S*** A*** Verified Purchase 31-05-2024

Me encanto el arreglo!! Muy hermoso, tal como lo imagine. Con un lazo de liston, tambien se veria hermoso!

G*** B*** Verified Purchase 28-05-2024

Hicieron los cambios permanentes que les solicité cuando me enviaron la fotografía.

M*** P*** N*** H*** Verified Purchase 23-05-2024

todas las ocasiones que he enviado flores tienen un excelente servicio y rapidez..100% recomendado 👌

J*** O*** Verified Purchase 15-05-2024

muy bonito arreglo

A*** B*** Verified Purchase 14-05-2024

Excelente productos, aunque hubo temas con la entrega todo termino bien

O*** E*** C*** C*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2024

todo dentro del rango de tiempo

E*** E*** Verified Purchase 06-05-2024

Gracias a la persona que se lo envié está muy agradecida y yo también por el exelente servicio, son altamente recomendables, gracias de nuevo

H*** A*** Verified Purchase 30-04-2024

F*** R*** Verified Purchase 26-04-2024


A*** E*** Verified Purchase 26-04-2024

Excelente Precio y calidad!!

I*** S*** Verified Purchase 26-04-2024

C*** O*** Verified Purchase 25-04-2024

G*** R*** Verified Purchase 19-04-2024

R*** R*** Verified Purchase 17-04-2024

muy satisfecha

V*** M*** O*** Verified Purchase 16-04-2024

Me encantó su eficiencia!!

E*** E*** I*** Verified Purchase 10-04-2024

S*** N*** Verified Purchase 22-03-2024

Excelente presentación y llego a tiempo

L*** B*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2024

M*** F*** Verified Purchase 15-03-2024

L*** H*** Verified Purchase 15-03-2024

E*** Verified Purchase 14-03-2024

muy buen servicio, recomendado

M*** Verified Purchase 14-03-2024

Me encanta siempre hacen arreglos lindos

M*** H*** Verified Purchase 08-03-2024

C*** M*** Verified Purchase 05-03-2024

todo excelente

J*** C*** Verified Purchase 03-03-2024

gracias! muchas gracias llegaron antes de tiempo!! perfecto

R*** A*** Verified Purchase 01-03-2024

Muy a tiempo👍🏼

M*** O*** Verified Purchase 28-02-2024


J*** N*** Verified Purchase 28-02-2024

Excelente servicio

A*** R*** S*** Verified Purchase 28-02-2024


J*** T*** Verified Purchase 23-02-2024

Excelente servicio.

F*** G*** Verified Purchase 18-02-2024

L*** Verified Purchase 16-02-2024

J*** C*** C*** G*** Verified Purchase 01-02-2024

Me parece que la formalidad de la empresa es excelente, sin embargo creo que no coincide el arreglo que compré con el de la foto de promoción, le faltó follaje. De todas formas muchas gracias.

H*** A*** S*** Verified Purchase 27-01-2024

E*** Verified Purchase 23-01-2024

D*** A*** C*** A*** Verified Purchase 19-01-2024

A*** L*** Verified Purchase 17-01-2024

Muy buen servicio.

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E*** C*** Verified Purchase 14-01-2024

J*** L*** Verified Purchase 10-01-2024

Los botones estan casi todos cerrados, espero sí abran. La nota que mandé estaba escrita a mano y se veía increíble. Gracias

S*** R*** Verified Purchase 10-01-2024