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Basket Of Red And White Roses
Basket Of Red And White Roses

Basket Of Red And White Roses

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This product is the favorite of 167 people.
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Product Details
White Rose : 12 pcs Red Rose : 12 pcs

We present our lovely basket of red and white roses - an eternal symbol of love and affection, expensive to create an impressive gift for that special person in his life. This exquisite bouquet combines the classic elegance of white roses (white pink) with the passionate charm of red roses (red rose), accentuated by delicate Gypsophilias, creating an impressive screen that says a lot about their sincere emotions.

Within a lovely basket, our florist teachers have carefully placed each flower in an oasis, ensuring optimal hydration and longevity for their floral arrangement. The result is a captivating mixture of colors and textures that will leave a lasting impression on its recipient.

As a testimony of our commitment to quality, we are concerned with obtaining only the coolest and most vibrant flowers, which can lead to the inclusion of some closed flowers and unopened due to seasonal conditions. Do not fear, since these closed flowers will open naturally in 1 or 2 days at room temperature, further enhancing the beauty and charm of their attentive gift.

Perfect for anniversaries, Valentine's Day or simply to express your love, this basket of red and white roses is a memorable and moving gesture. With keywords such as love, gift, white pink, red pink, gypsophilias, oasis and basket interwoven in its own essence, may be sure that their sincere feelings will be transmitted with elegance and grace.

Do not miss the opportunity to surprise and delight your loved one.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lfb024
Reviews (35)

Excelente servicio y puntualidad

Ó*** V*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024


J*** B*** Verified Purchase 01-11-2023

D*** M*** Verified Purchase 26-10-2023

H*** H*** Verified Purchase 16-06-2023

L*** A*** P*** M*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2023

Excelente servicio, me tocó pedir corrección de la dirección por culpa de un error mío y me atendieron super rápido y consiguieron entregar en la dirección correcta y en el tiempo prometido, definitivo mi servicio de envió de flores favorito

J*** Verified Purchase 20-02-2023

muy bonito pero las rosas eran blancas y me mandaron rosas rosa.

R*** A*** Verified Purchase 16-02-2023

F*** P*** S*** Verified Purchase 23-01-2023

muchas gracias aqui tienen un cliente.

G*** P*** Verified Purchase 14-01-2023

Me encantaron, las flores muy frescas y hermosas, sin duda volvere a pedir más arreglos

M*** C*** Verified Purchase 15-12-2022


A*** Verified Purchase 09-11-2022

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2022

Excelente servicio gracias

H*** L*** Verified Purchase 18-10-2022

siempre a tiempo y el producto en buen estado

R*** R*** Verified Purchase 04-10-2022

Segunda vez que me dejan con una sonrisa en el corazón! Excelente servicio!!

M*** H*** Verified Purchase 13-09-2022

muy bonito, más grande de lo que pensé

M*** P*** Verified Purchase 11-08-2022

F*** M*** Verified Purchase 26-07-2022

C*** P*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2022

D*** S*** Verified Purchase 25-04-2022

C*** D*** Verified Purchase 28-03-2022

O*** Verified Purchase 18-03-2022

Excelente servicio

D*** N*** M*** C*** Verified Purchase 07-03-2022

muy satisfecho por el arreglo y entrega a tiempo

C*** G*** Verified Purchase 12-02-2022

Excelente servicio, las flores llegaron muy bonitas perfectas para la ocasión

R*** D*** Verified Purchase 05-02-2022

L*** R*** T*** Verified Purchase 31-01-2022

Excelente servicio calidad y belleza del producto

J*** C*** M*** Verified Purchase 03-01-2022

Buen producto y buen servicio

J*** V*** Verified Purchase 24-12-2021

Excelente precio y calidad, muy recomendable

A*** L*** R*** C*** Verified Purchase 13-12-2021

V*** S*** Verified Purchase 10-12-2021

E*** C*** Verified Purchase 01-11-2021

Excelente calidad del arreglo, superó mis expectativas

C*** J*** Verified Purchase 29-10-2021

I*** Verified Purchase 11-09-2021

Muy puntales gracias

M*** O*** R*** Verified Purchase 11-09-2021

Muchas gracias por el buen servicio.

P*** O*** Verified Purchase 07-09-2021

Quede sorprendido tanto en la calidad de las flores, el diseño y el tiempo de respuesta y entrega. Gratamente satisfecho

G*** Verified Purchase 06-09-2021