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Bouquet of 12 Red Roses
Bouquet of 12 Red Roses

Bouquet of 12 Red Roses

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Product Details
Red Rose : 12 pcs
Open the door to romance and unforgettable gestures with our Bouquet of 12 red roses, the perfect gift that speaks the universal language of love. Rooted in tradition and wrapped in elegance, this arrangement is more than just a gift; It is a promise of precious moments and memories that last. Each of these carefully selected stems is presented in a lavish embrace of black Korean papers, whose texture and hue contrast with the vibrant passion red, creating a vision of dazzling beauty. The jute threads that delicately tie this bouquet add a rustic and sincere touch, symbolizing the strength and durability of your feelings. Within the bouquet, you can find roses in different stages of blooming. Some may arrive closed, like tender secrets waiting to be revealed. But don't worry, in just 1-2 days at room temperature, these buds will fully open, unfolding their full beauty and sharing their intoxicating fragrance. Perfect for her or him, this Bouquet of 12 red roses is the quintessence of gift ideas. Whether as a spontaneous detail or as a thoughtful Valentine's present, this bouquet conveys passion and affection with each petal. Ideal for those moments when words are not enough, let these red roses do the talking. Turn any day into a special occasion and surprise that loved one with a gesture that goes beyond the everyday. Don't wait for a set date to arrive; Any time is perfect to show how much you care.
Product Code: lf827
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K*** O*** Verified Purchase 12-07-2024

G*** V*** G*** Verified Purchase 12-07-2024

C*** P*** Verified Purchase 12-07-2024

Excelente servicio y excelentes flores gracias por apoyarme con este detalle.

R*** C*** Verified Purchase 11-07-2024

Le gustó mucho el arreglo. Muy recomendable.

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J*** (*** Verified Purchase 03-07-2024

R*** S*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2024

Muy buen servicio!!!

E*** G*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2024

un excelente servicio

J*** S*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2024

Excelente servicio ♡

M*** C*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2024

B*** G*** Verified Purchase 28-06-2024

Deberían mandar WhatsApp si el destinatario no contesta por q muchos teléfonos tienen desvío de llamadas a números no registrados, si deberían de contactarlos por WhatsApp por lo demás muy buen servicio.

B*** I*** Verified Purchase 27-06-2024

P*** M*** Verified Purchase 27-06-2024

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 26-06-2024

El producto excelente. El servicio no tanto ya que no respetaron el horario de entrega.

J*** C*** U*** Verified Purchase 26-06-2024

J*** M*** O*** C*** Verified Purchase 25-06-2024

J*** A*** P*** C*** Verified Purchase 25-06-2024

Muchas gracias segunda ves y se mira puntualidad si lo recomiendo

R*** Verified Purchase 25-06-2024

Excelente servicio, felicidades a LolaFlora.

E*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2024

Excelente atención y rapidez, me ayudan mucho a ser feliz a las personas, FELICIDADES

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2024

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2024

Llegó bien el arreglo, sólo que en las fotos se ve un poco más grande.

M*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2024

Flores frescas color intenso. Muy bonitas

E*** C*** Verified Purchase 23-06-2024

E*** S*** Verified Purchase 22-06-2024

J*** L*** M*** Verified Purchase 22-06-2024

puntuales, buen servicio y siempre alegran al agasajado

A*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

A*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

J*** S*** Verified Purchase 20-06-2024

D*** P*** Verified Purchase 19-06-2024

Me fascinó que me enviaran la aprobación del pedido y que llegara tal cual lo aprobé, el servicio y la entrega excelentes

D*** Verified Purchase 19-06-2024

Flores muy abiertas . Ya duran muy poco.

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E*** R*** O*** Verified Purchase 19-06-2024

M*** V*** S*** Verified Purchase 19-06-2024

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K*** O*** Verified Purchase 15-06-2024

muy marchitas

J*** A*** Verified Purchase 15-06-2024


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L*** A*** C*** A*** Verified Purchase 13-06-2024

Cómo siempre, excelente servicio

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H*** E*** E*** Verified Purchase 12-06-2024

Muy buen servicio lo recomiendo 100%

A*** O*** Verified Purchase 11-06-2024

El producto no era tan lindo como en la app, pero es aceptable

K*** L*** Verified Purchase 11-06-2024