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Bouquet Of 60 Majestic White Roses
Bouquet Of 60 Majestic White Roses

Bouquet Of 60 Majestic White Roses

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Product Details
White Rose : 60 pcs

We present our exquisite bouquet of 60 majestic white roses, the epitome of elegance and grace. Each meticulously selected white rose in this impressive arrangement is complemented with delicate accents of Gypsophilia, creating an unforgettable visual experience that will leave a lasting impression on any recipient.

Our florist experts have thoroughly elaborated this luxurious bouquet, making sure that each of the 60 top quality white roses is in perfect harmony with the gypsoophilia that surrounds them, resulting in an impressive deployment that distills sophistication and charm. The Pristal Petalos de Rosa Blanca symbolize love, purity and innocence, while the charming Gypsophilia adds an ethereal touch, making this bouquet the perfect choice for any special occasion, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and romantic surprises. P>

The bouquet of 60 majestic white roses is not only a visual feast, but also a testimony of our commitment to use only the coolest and highest quality flowers. Each white rose stem and Gypsophilia is carefully selected at the high point of its flowering, which guarantees that its bouquet arrives in perfect condition and maintains its beauty as long as possible.

If you want to express your love, send a sincere congratulation or simply rejoice someone's day, our bouquet of 60 majestic white roses guarantees a lasting impression. With its unparalleled elegance and its pristine beauty, this impressive arrangement will surely capture the heart of anyone who puts their eyes on it.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lf261
Reviews (110)

entrega a tiempo. flores muy bonitas. muchas gracias.

J*** L*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2024

Excelente servicio y fabuloso producto

J*** H*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2024

A*** F*** Verified Purchase 17-06-2024

Muy bonito! Igual a la foto! La entrega fue puntual! Muchas gracias!

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 15-06-2024

F*** Verified Purchase 13-06-2024

las flores super lindas, de muy buena calidad, el papel muy bueno, sin duda volvería a comprar las mismas y seguiré comprando aquí

A*** D*** A*** M*** Verified Purchase 07-06-2024

Venían menos rosas

D*** R*** Verified Purchase 22-02-2024


G*** S*** Verified Purchase 15-02-2024

Flowers were too small and not fresh

E*** B*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024

Excelente, le encantaron a mi novia. llegaron frescas y lo más parecido a la imagen

D*** V*** Verified Purchase 07-12-2023

D*** G*** Verified Purchase 06-12-2023

Tristemente me dieron un servicio malo, ya los había contratado antes y me había ido bien, ahora compre 60 rosas porque cumplía 60 años no fueron las 60, no se parece nada el ramo al que compre en la página además compre un globo adicional y no lo enviaron, ni hablar que pena, ademas llegó muy tarde

C*** G*** Verified Purchase 07-11-2023

Excelente servicio y muy buena comunicacion.

J*** R*** Verified Purchase 04-11-2023

J*** O*** C*** Verified Purchase 17-10-2023

V*** B*** Verified Purchase 08-10-2023

Muy mala mi experiencia con mi pedido en general; era para el día 18 de Septiembre, el primer proveedor nunca contestó. Mi pedido se entregó hasta el día de hoy, el nuevo proveedor que se me asignó fue muy amable y me dió una solución a mi problema

J*** C*** Verified Purchase 20-09-2023

G*** Á*** U*** Verified Purchase 07-09-2023

A*** G*** C*** L*** Verified Purchase 06-09-2023

J*** E*** Verified Purchase 25-08-2023

Se miran hermosas!

J*** M*** G*** Verified Purchase 02-06-2023

Excelente servicio. La entrega fue en tiempo y forma. Gracias

T*** L*** Verified Purchase 27-02-2023

R*** Y*** Verified Purchase 15-02-2023

M*** E*** F*** M*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2023

Excelente servicio y el arreglo sensacional

A*** I*** C*** J*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2023

I*** F*** Verified Purchase 05-02-2023

E*** M*** Verified Purchase 08-01-2023

Perfecto ramo, precio y la entrega. Soy cliente que regreso a comprar y sin duda lo hare de nuevo

M*** Verified Purchase 25-12-2022

J*** A*** Verified Purchase 19-11-2022

Creo que sus precios al cliente debieran ser más accesibles

E*** N*** Verified Purchase 07-11-2022

Excelente servicio

A*** M*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2022

excelente servicio

A*** B*** Verified Purchase 16-09-2022

L*** G*** Verified Purchase 11-08-2022

excelente servicio, le gustó a mi esposa

M*** A*** R*** B*** Verified Purchase 26-07-2022

G*** B*** Verified Purchase 19-06-2022

T*** T*** Verified Purchase 16-02-2022

Muy puntuales, servicio de calidad

L*** G*** Verified Purchase 13-02-2022

D*** A*** Verified Purchase 21-01-2022

Muy bonito

R*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-12-2021

Excelente servicio, nunca me han fallado!

P*** Verified Purchase 08-12-2021

Sin problema alguno, en tiempo y producto muy bien!

M*** F*** Verified Purchase 07-12-2021

Excelente producto, y velocidad de entrega extremadamente eficiente

A*** R*** Verified Purchase 30-11-2021

Super bonito el arreglo!!!

M*** C*** A*** M*** Verified Purchase 25-11-2021

todo acorde al costo, entrega en tiempo, muy bonitas flores

K*** Verified Purchase 21-11-2021

V*** M*** Verified Purchase 17-11-2021

Excelente servicio!

J*** I*** L*** D*** Verified Purchase 14-11-2021

Muy buen servicio, entrega y arreglo

A*** Verified Purchase 04-11-2021

A*** A*** Verified Purchase 28-10-2021

El pedido llegó muy bien y a tiempo

L*** E*** R*** R*** Verified Purchase 21-10-2021

Muy sorprendido por el resultado, buen servicio. Gracias.

J*** Z*** Verified Purchase 12-10-2021

Excelente servicio

O*** E*** G*** M*** Verified Purchase 08-10-2021