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Bouquet of Pink Astromelias and White Roses
Bouquet of Pink Astromelias and White Roses

Bouquet of Pink Astromelias and White Roses

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Product Details
Pink Astromelia : 10 pcs White Rose : 6 pcs

Immerse yourself in a world where romance and delicacy intertwine with natural elegance, presenting the exquisite Bouquet of pink astromelias and white roses. This floral arrangement is a symphony of color and texture that evokes the purest and most sincere feelings, making it the ideal gift option for any special occasion. Each bouquet is a work of art composed of pink astromelias, whose soft petals like whispers of love gradually reveal their dazzling beauty. Astromelias are known for their durability and for being the symbol of lasting friendship, making them perfect for expressing your deepest feelings. Intertwined with the astromelias, you will find imported white roses, selected for their impeccable purity and captivating aroma. These roses represent innocence and genuine affection, thus creating a message of unwavering love and respect. The bouquet is decorated with jute threads that add a rustic and authentic touch to the whole, while the black Korean papers provide a sophisticated contrast that enhances the beauty of the flowers. Some of these floral beauties may arrive unopened, like a secret waiting to be revealed. With patience, they will bloom fully in 1-2 days at room temperature, thus continuing the visual spectacle that this bouquet offers. If you are looking for unique gift ideas that speak directly to the heart, whether for her or him, this Bouquet of Pink Astromelias and White Roses is the epitome of the perfect detail. Especially designed as a Valentine's gift or to celebrate unforgettable moments, this arrangement transmits passion and tenderness with every look.

Product Code: lf535
Reviews (500)

muchas gracias le encantó el detalle

C*** C*** Verified Purchase 18-07-2024

Buena calidad de flores y material de decoración, solo que hubieron cambio en los colores.

J*** U*** Verified Purchase 10-07-2024

A*** B*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

Están súper lindas las flores, solo pensé que por el precio, estaría mucho más grande el arreglo

P*** M*** S*** Verified Purchase 03-07-2024

excelente servicio

M*** E*** G*** L*** Verified Purchase 02-07-2024

L*** R*** Verified Purchase 22-06-2024

Muy eficiente el servicio, muchas gracias

C*** V*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

S*** B*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

I*** V*** I*** Verified Purchase 17-06-2024

excelente el servicio Pero no me gustó la forma en que lo envuelven en el papel... no sé ve como arreglo, se ve como si solo le pusieran una bolsa de plástico.

I*** C*** Verified Purchase 16-06-2024

Z*** O*** Verified Purchase 16-06-2024

Súper recomendado, buen precio y servicio

R*** F*** Verified Purchase 12-06-2024

J*** E*** D*** V*** Verified Purchase 12-06-2024

A*** R*** Verified Purchase 11-06-2024

Llegó muy bien el arreglo,solo olvidaron poner el mensaje que pedí que llevara mi arreglo

D*** D*** R*** Verified Purchase 11-06-2024

K*** I*** T*** C*** Verified Purchase 10-06-2024

Excelente servicio y calidad. Muchas gracias

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 03-06-2024

C*** S*** T*** Verified Purchase 23-05-2024

This app makes my life easier

G*** D*** D*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-05-2024

A*** L*** R*** I*** Verified Purchase 12-05-2024

Exelente servicio!

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 19-04-2024

Buena atención, las flores no son tan grandes pero son lindas !!

M*** T*** Verified Purchase 18-04-2024

E*** M*** Verified Purchase 14-04-2024

A mí amor le encantaron siempre queda sorprendida gracias 🫂

A*** V*** Verified Purchase 13-04-2024

O*** B*** Verified Purchase 24-03-2024

P*** V*** Verified Purchase 20-03-2024

tal cual lo solicite y dentro del tiempo programado, muy buen servicio

I*** P*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2024

L*** R*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2024

muy lindas si le gustaron a mi abuelita

M*** R*** Verified Purchase 09-03-2024

M*** S*** Verified Purchase 08-03-2024

M*** G*** Verified Purchase 07-03-2024

muy recomendables

M*** P*** Verified Purchase 06-03-2024

J*** Verified Purchase 03-03-2024

L*** E*** D*** A*** Verified Purchase 20-02-2024

R*** J*** Verified Purchase 16-02-2024

Perfecto, muchísimas gracias <3

J*** O*** Verified Purchase 15-02-2024

Llegó en excelente estado y es justo como en la imagen

V*** P*** Verified Purchase 10-02-2024

R*** A*** Verified Purchase 08-02-2024

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 29-01-2024

E*** Verified Purchase 23-01-2024

todo excelente

D*** R*** Verified Purchase 15-01-2024

Deberían indicar el tamaño

U*** M*** C*** Verified Purchase 12-01-2024

G*** X*** H*** Verified Purchase 20-12-2023

J*** A*** Verified Purchase 14-12-2023

Es muy pequeño

V*** Verified Purchase 12-12-2023

Muy buen servicio

A*** H*** A*** Verified Purchase 11-12-2023

C*** V*** A*** Verified Purchase 23-11-2023

flores marchitas y tristes

A*** F*** A*** Verified Purchase 30-10-2023

comparando la foto con el arreglo, fueron un poco codos con el papel, agregando solo una hoja, PERO ese no fue el problema mayor, entregaron el arreglo de flores mucho antes de la hora, lo dejaron con otra persona, dicha persona lo entregó hasta 3 hrs después, sin haberlo puesto en agua, por lo que las flores se veían ya un poco marchitas, para que ponen horario si ustedes no lo van a respetar, y no fue que no pudieran pasar, entraron y lo dejaron a 3 puertas, la verdad pésimo servicio de entrega

R*** T*** Verified Purchase 26-10-2023

Muy bien.

P*** F*** Verified Purchase 25-10-2023