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Sunflowers and Red Roses in Bouquet Design
Sunflowers and Red Roses in Bouquet Design

Sunflowers and Red Roses in Bouquet Design

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This product is the favorite of 1940 people.
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Product Details
Sunflower : 5 pcs Red Rose : 12 pcs
Immerse yourself in a world where romance and joy are delicately intertwined, with our exquisite bouquet of Sunflowers and Red Roses. This arrangement is a visual symphony that invites you to express your deepest feelings, making it the perfect option for gifts that speak from the heart. Imagine the brightness of the sun captured in vibrant petals, those are our Sunflowers, symbols of happiness and positivity. Along with them, the imported Red Roses, carefully selected for their chromatic intensity and incomparable freshness, evoke a burning passion that is only compared to your love. Each bouquet is tied with natural Jute Threads, adding a rustic touch that further highlights the intrinsic beauty of the flowers. The Black Korean Papers wrap the bouquet in mystery and elegance, creating a spectacular contrast that highlights the bright tones of the Sunflowers and Roses. Keep in mind that some buds in this arrangement may arrive closed, waiting to unfold their splendor in 1-2 days at room temperature. This detail not only guarantees maximum freshness upon delivery but also promises a long-lasting experience of natural beauty. This bouquet is ideal for any occasion: from spontaneous gift ideas to celebrations like Valentine's Day. Gift this floral testimony to her or him and watch the admiration and affection between you blossom. Don't miss the opportunity to light smiles and light hearts. Make every day as radiant as our Pink Sunflowers and as intense as our imported red ones. Place your order today and make sure those special moments are unforgettable.
Product Code: lf837
Reviews (392)

B*** S*** Verified Purchase 12-07-2024

J*** C*** H*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2024

todo en orden y en tiempo

I*** T*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

S*** J*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

D*** F*** Verified Purchase 06-06-2024

El pedido se entregó en el tiempo indicado y la calidad de las flores eran las esperadas si vi varias calificaciones negativas por lo que si me sentí nervioso, pero 10/10 recomendaría y volveré a usar el servicio

J*** I*** D*** C*** Verified Purchase 05-06-2024

La verdad si desconfiaba ,,pero no nada que ver muchas gracias le encantaron a mi esposa de verdad muy recomendable gracias

E*** J*** R*** S*** Verified Purchase 04-06-2024

Great Flowers

Verified Purchase 01-06-2024

P*** M*** Verified Purchase 27-05-2024

Si llego, en tiempo y como la foto. Gracias

C*** Verified Purchase 21-05-2024

L*** R*** Verified Purchase 20-05-2024


A*** Verified Purchase 19-05-2024

M*** G*** Z*** Verified Purchase 18-05-2024

Excelente servicio

G*** Verified Purchase 15-05-2024

M*** G*** Z*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2024

Excelent product.

M*** K*** Verified Purchase 09-05-2024

J*** M*** A*** C*** Verified Purchase 07-05-2024

C*** M*** J*** J*** Verified Purchase 04-05-2024

E*** L*** Verified Purchase 03-05-2024

D*** B*** Verified Purchase 01-05-2024

excelente servicio

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 30-04-2024

Buena calidad de las flores

A*** R*** Verified Purchase 26-04-2024

thank you mil gracias las flores están muy frescas y lindas. Buen servicio y entrega en tiempo

I*** L*** Verified Purchase 26-04-2024

F*** H*** Verified Purchase 25-04-2024

K*** C*** Verified Purchase 24-04-2024

Muy buen producto quedo muy satisfecha con el regalo. Necesito que me compartan la foto que le tomaron en el momento de la entrega para tener el recuerdo por favor

A*** Verified Purchase 24-04-2024

Al momento de la entrega hubo un problema ya que no se encontraba la persona quien recibiría el arreglo pero hubo comunicación en todo momento de parte del staff de Lolaflora y al final se entregó el pedido 10/10

G*** L*** Verified Purchase 23-04-2024

E*** C*** Verified Purchase 18-04-2024

J*** P*** Verified Purchase 17-04-2024

J*** P*** Verified Purchase 16-04-2024

L*** A*** Verified Purchase 16-04-2024

todo excelente

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 15-04-2024

todo bien excepto por el globo, llego desinflado.

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 14-04-2024

A*** O*** Verified Purchase 14-04-2024

Todo muy bien gracias, muy puntuales, felicidades

D*** G*** M*** Verified Purchase 10-04-2024

N*** G*** Verified Purchase 10-04-2024

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 09-04-2024

A*** V*** Verified Purchase 09-04-2024

E*** S*** Verified Purchase 09-04-2024

Gracias por el Servicio, a mi Pareja le gusto mucho.

M*** A*** M*** R*** Verified Purchase 07-04-2024

C*** I*** Verified Purchase 05-04-2024

Fue mi primer pedido y quedé enteramente satisfecho muy buen servicio todo en tiempo y forma lo recomiendo 100%

E*** H*** Verified Purchase 04-04-2024

T*** A*** Verified Purchase 01-04-2024

E*** C*** C*** Verified Purchase 01-04-2024

Everything was perfect.

A*** M*** Verified Purchase 29-03-2024

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 28-03-2024

esta hermoso, solo algo pequeño

M*** V*** Verified Purchase 26-03-2024

D*** A*** Z*** Verified Purchase 25-03-2024

N*** L*** Verified Purchase 25-03-2024

A*** S*** B*** Verified Purchase 25-03-2024