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Bouquet Sunflowers, Roses And Ferrero 24
Bouquet Sunflowers, Roses And Ferrero 24

Bouquet Sunflowers, Roses And Ferrero 24

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Product Details
Sunflower : 6 pcs Red Rose : 15 pcs

We present the bouquet of sunflowers, Rosas and Ferrero 24: an exquisite combination of sunflower vibrant, romantic red roses, lovely lovely and delicious Ferrero chocolate 24 pzs, all harmoniously gathered in an impressive arrangement. This unique bouquet is designed to impress and delight their loved ones, so it is the perfect gift for any special occasion.

Our bouquet of sunflowers, Rosas and Ferrero 24 includes fresh sunflowers, hand collected, which instantly rejoice any room with their radiant yellow petals. These dazzling sunflowers are combined with the timeless elegance of red roses, a symbol of love and passion that never goes out of style. To complete the set, delicate sprigs of solidago add a touch of fantasy, creating a beautiful contrast with the daring colors of sunflowers and red roses.



elaborated with exceptional attention to detail, the Branch Sunflowers, Rosas and Ferrero 24 is an unforgettable gift that will leave a lasting impression in the heart of its recipient. Either to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or simply to express your love and appreciation, this bouquet is the perfect choice.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lfbun083
Reviews (123)

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 01-03-2024

V*** O*** Verified Purchase 28-02-2024

R*** M*** T*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024


N*** V*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024

Excelente servicio, cumple con lo acordado sin complicaciones!!!

V*** C*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2024

Buen servicio! gracias.

C*** R*** T*** Verified Purchase 09-02-2024

Excelente, le encantó a mi novia

A*** H*** Verified Purchase 08-02-2024

Entrega en tiempo y como se esperaban. la flores llegaron sanas e hidratadas. Excelente servicio en general!

R*** A*** S*** S*** Verified Purchase 27-01-2024

Respecto del producto excelente, la entrega fuera del horario establecido así que solo por eso le pondría solo 2 estrellas

C*** E*** A*** P*** Verified Purchase 24-01-2024

Entrega super puntual.

C*** P*** Verified Purchase 16-01-2024

Muy buen producto

E*** G*** Verified Purchase 28-11-2023

E*** G*** Verified Purchase 24-11-2023

M*** C*** Verified Purchase 20-11-2023

S*** V*** Verified Purchase 19-10-2023

D*** I*** M*** L*** Verified Purchase 28-09-2023

Excelente servicio

A*** L*** C*** Verified Purchase 01-06-2023


F*** G*** Verified Purchase 11-03-2023

El servicio de la aplicación es buena, nunca había tenido problemas, pero esta vez el arreglo no fue el de siempre y eso me decepcionó. Era un arreglo con rosas rojas y mandaron rosas blancas pintadas de rojo.

M*** A*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2023

J*** B*** J*** C*** C*** Verified Purchase 13-12-2022

Perfect! Thank you!

R*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-11-2022

J*** Verified Purchase 07-08-2022

A*** B*** Verified Purchase 05-08-2022

muy hermosas las flores pero me llego incompleto (paquete de 16 ferrero y no de 24) y el repartidor solo dijo "así me lo dieron en la floreria)

A*** M*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2022

Excellent todo llego a tiempo

M*** V*** Verified Purchase 17-06-2022

Excelente servicio como siempre!

L*** A*** Verified Purchase 15-06-2022

D*** S*** G*** Verified Purchase 25-05-2022

Hermoso. A tiempo y muy bien hecho. Muy contenta. Mil gracias.

S*** A*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2022


M*** F*** G*** Verified Purchase 20-04-2022

G*** A*** Verified Purchase 13-04-2022

H*** T*** Verified Purchase 01-04-2022

G*** R*** Verified Purchase 26-03-2022

Muy bonitas las flores, gracias, execelente servicio

R*** G*** Verified Purchase 10-03-2022

B*** G*** Verified Purchase 21-02-2022

excelente servicio, muy cumplidos se atrasaron ligeramente en la hora de entrega pero nada para alarmarse

L*** Á*** L*** P*** Verified Purchase 15-02-2022

H*** M*** Verified Purchase 15-02-2022

Satisfecho con el servicio y la calidad.

I*** C*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2022

R*** P*** Verified Purchase 14-02-2022

Todo fue exactamente como lo pedí, buen servicio.

P*** L*** C*** Verified Purchase 13-02-2022

Lo recomiendo ampliamente en vdd, el arreglo era exactamente igual al de la foto y me gusto mucho que es muy facil pedirlo a traves de la página de internet muchas gracias

A*** S*** R*** Verified Purchase 06-02-2022

A*** E*** Verified Purchase 05-02-2022

Rapido, Bonito y a excelente precio.

R*** A*** Verified Purchase 02-02-2022

J*** A*** Verified Purchase 31-01-2022

Estando lejos me ayudaron mucho a entregar en tiempo y forma mi pedido

L*** R*** Verified Purchase 23-01-2022

Todo bien

B*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-01-2022

C*** E*** Verified Purchase 07-01-2022

C*** M*** Verified Purchase 05-01-2022

Muy buen servicio me gusto

J*** M*** L*** Verified Purchase 05-01-2022

Waoooo encantada y fascinada tal cual como en la imagen 100% recomendada.

D*** R*** Verified Purchase 27-12-2021

M*** P*** S*** Verified Purchase 11-12-2021

Gracias le encantaron espero sea lo mejor c:

L*** G*** L*** A*** Verified Purchase 08-12-2021