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Flower Meanings

Flowers are a timeless and beautiful way to express emotions that words cannot express. For generations, people have used flowers to communicate and convey a message of love, appreciation and joy. But did you know that flowers have a language of their own? Each flower has its own meaning, which can be used to communicate a wide range of emotions and feelings. In this article we will explore the history and symbolism of floral gifts, and discover why certain flowers are chosen to represent certain feelings. From the traditional rose to the modern sunflower, we will discover the hidden language of flowers and learn how to use them to convey the perfect message for any occasion.

The Meanings of Flowers:

  • White

    White Rose


  • Red

    Red Rose


  • Pink

    Pink Rose


  • Yellow

    Yellow Rose


  • White

    White Carnation

    Naive, Innocence

  • Red

    Red Carnation


  • Pink

    Pink Carnation


  • Pink

    Pink Orchid

    Proud, Elegant

  • White

    White Tulips


  • Red

    Red Tulip

    I Love You

  • Pink

    Pink Tulip


  • Yellow

    Yellow Tulip


  • Daisy


    Wealth, Health

  • ?ris


    Memory, Grace

  • Lilium



  • Gerbera



  • Freesia



  • White

    White Chrysanth.


  • Yellow

    Yellow Chrysanth.

    Unrequited Love

  • Lilac

    Lilac Rose

    Love at First Sight

  • Blue

    Blue Rose


  • Orange

    Orange Roses


  • Hyacinth



  • Blue

    Blue Orchid


  • White

    White Orchid


  • Purple

    Purple Tulip


  • White

    White Lily


  • Pink

    Pink Lilies


  • White

    White Gerbera


  • Lisianthus



  • Alstromeria



  • Anthurium



  • Gladiolus



  • Lavender



Choosing the Right Flower for Every Occasion

As mentioned above there are many different types of flowers with unique meanings. When choosing flowers to give as gifts, it is important to consider the occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or simply to show appreciation, the right flower can convey a powerful message. Each flower has a different meaning, so it is important to choose the right one for each occasion.

Roses are perhaps the most popular flower and are often used to express love and admiration. The color of the flower can also have an important meaning. Red roses are a traditional symbol of love, while white roses are often used to express purity and innocence. Blue roses are a symbol of mystery and intrigue, pink roses are a sign of appreciation and gratitude, while purple roses are often used to express admiration and respect.

Lilies are often associated with purity, innocence and beauty, while daisies are symbolic of innocence and new beginnings. Sunflowers represent joy, happiness and longevity, while tulips are often used to express love and admiration. Other flowers, such as lilies and orchids, are often chosen to express admiration and gratitude.

History of Floral Symbology and the Language of Flowers

The language of flowers, also known as floriography, is a way of communicating through the use of flowers. This language of flowers has been used throughout history to express emotions, convey messages and even to propose marriage.

The language of flowers has its roots in ancient Greece, where flowers were used to convey messages of love, admiration and friendship. The Greeks were the first to assign meanings to the various flowers, which were later adopted by the Romans. The language of flowers developed further during the Middle Ages, when they were used to communicate messages of courtship and love.

The meanings of flowers were first recognized in Istanbul in the 17th century. In 1716, they were researched and collected by an English Istanbul woman, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. She was the wife of the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. She was the first to take an interest in the meanings of flowers and took it upon herself to communicate them to the Western world through her letters. Her work quickly became very popular among the English population. This interest spread to France as well and in a short time, a common language of flowers was established.

During the Victorian era, the language of flowers became increasingly popular, and different flowers represented different feelings and emotions. In the Victorian era, when expressing emotions was often considered improper, lovers used flowers to send secret messages to each other. The Victorians even had their own floral language, in which each flower had a special meaning. The language of flowers was even used to propose marriage, and the flower chosen often reflected the feelings of the sender. Although the language of flowers has evolved over the years, it is still an effective way to communicate emotions and feelings.

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