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White, Lilac and Pink Snapdragons in a Small Basket
White, Lilac and Pink Snapdragons in a Small Basket

White, Lilac and Pink Snapdragons in a Small Basket

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23 July Today
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Product Details
White Snapdragon : 5 pcs Pink Snapdragon : 5 pcs Lilac Snapdragon : 5 pcs
Imagine a bouquet of tenderness and color to brighten your most beloved spaces! Our charming "White, Lilac and Pink Snapdragons in a Small Basket" is a true Lolaflora gem that captures innocence and joy in every detail. When you open the "Lolaflora Envelope", you are greeted with a visual spectacle: three adorable puppies, each in a shade of pure white, dreamy lilac and delicate pink, poke their playful noses between the soft undulations of the "Lolaflora Card Paper". These little dogs are not common; They are meticulously formed in Oasis Foam, retaining their perfect shape and waiting to steal a smile. Each of these miniature canines sits comfortably in a "Small Basket", woven with skill and care, ideal to place in any special corner of your home or to send as a gift that conveys warmth and affection. The basket not only serves as a bedding for these cuddly friends, but also becomes a decorative object that adds a rustic and charming touch to any table or shelf. Why choose between the "White Snapdragons", a symbol of peace and purity, the "Lilac Snapdragons", which evokes creativity and magic, or the "Pink Snapdragons", messenger of love and tenderness? With this basket, you don't have to. Each puppy complements the other, creating a symphony of soft colors that excites and relaxes at the same time. Perfect for those looking for a unique detail or special touch to their decor, this set is a testament to Lolaflora's commitment to beauty and happiness. It is not just a decorative piece; It is a promise of happy moments and lasting memories. Additionally, take advantage of the speed and quality that Lolaflora offers. Make your special days even more memorable with this charming basket. Order now and let the "White, Lilac and Pink Snapdragons in a Small Basket" fill your life with sweetness!
Product Code: lfb086
Reviews (303)

C*** H*** Verified Purchase 10-07-2024

The flowers are beautiful and so is the arrangement. Everything was on time and in good condition. Just the lady on the phone that called my wife to confirm that she was at home was rude to her. Other than that, everything was perfect as always

C*** D*** P*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2024

R*** P*** Verified Purchase 07-07-2024

O*** B*** Verified Purchase 06-07-2024

Es la primera vez que mando Flores por su página y el servicio y arreglo fueron estupendos! Muchas gracias y super recomendado.

N*** C*** Verified Purchase 04-07-2024

Muy rápido y GRAN atención.

D*** D*** V*** Verified Purchase 04-07-2024

entrega rapidísima y siempre enterada del pedido. Muchas gracias

L*** H*** Verified Purchase 03-07-2024

G*** Verified Purchase 02-07-2024

todo muy bien, le encantó y se puso muy feliz

G*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2024

Excelente servicio y atención. Producto como en la foto! cliente satisfecho con la compra.

S*** C*** Verified Purchase 29-06-2024

excelente servicio y hermosas flores

F*** M*** Verified Purchase 28-06-2024

excelente servicio estoy encantada 😊 muchísimas gracias

S*** A*** R*** P*** Verified Purchase 26-06-2024

R*** Verified Purchase 22-06-2024

me encanto

C*** O*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2024

El servicio me encanta. Son puntuales, serios y cumplen con la promesa. Pero el único pero es que les he comprado 4 veces y no he recibido ni una factura. Cosa que me complica mucho seguir comprándoles. ¿Me podrían enviar todas las facturas solicitadas, por favor? Incluyendo esta. Gracias

N*** G*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2024

N*** C*** Verified Purchase 16-06-2024

D*** G*** Verified Purchase 29-05-2024

J*** Verified Purchase 29-05-2024

A*** A*** N*** Verified Purchase 20-05-2024

Lo recomiendo al 100% siempre llegan a tiempo y la calidad de sus productos son excelentes. Cada vez que hago un envío amistades o familiares recibo muchos cumplidos por los arreglos florales.

R*** C*** Verified Purchase 17-05-2024

muy lindo, las flores frescas y cumplieron en el tiempo de envío.

X*** N*** Verified Purchase 16-05-2024

muy lindas las flores y el servicio excelente

S*** M*** Verified Purchase 15-05-2024

V*** O*** Verified Purchase 13-05-2024

no llegó en la fecha acordada

L*** C*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2024

Siempre. Muy. Cumplidores !! A un. Fuera de cdmx

A*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2024

Muy bellas las flores, le gustaron mucho a mi mamá, pero las pedí en canasta y llegaron en maceta 😅

D*** V*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2024

R*** S*** M*** V*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2024

I*** D*** R*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2024

A*** F*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2024

Precioso arreglo!

M*** F*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2024

P*** P*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2024

hermoso! le encantaron!!!

K*** L*** V*** Verified Purchase 09-05-2024

A tiempo y súper buen servicio

P*** Verified Purchase 02-05-2024

Excelente gracias por la entrega

F*** E*** Verified Purchase 15-04-2024

Le encantó a mi mamá

E*** G*** Verified Purchase 12-04-2024

K*** Verified Purchase 09-04-2024

Excelente servicio, variedad de producto y tiempo de entrega

M*** D*** Verified Purchase 06-04-2024

Todo excelente

M*** M*** Verified Purchase 04-04-2024

I*** C*** S*** Verified Purchase 07-03-2024

son lo que esperaba, muy buen servicio

D*** Verified Purchase 27-02-2024

Excelente servicio

C*** G*** Verified Purchase 20-02-2024

Excelente servicio muchas gracias

L*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-02-2024

Fué un regalo a mi mamá y le encantó la canasta, traía su tarjeta con la dedicación y se entregó en tiempo y forma.

M*** F*** M*** Verified Purchase 03-02-2024

El trato. A. Mi arreglo. Desde. Que sale. Hasta la entrega es. De. Primera N. Me. Encanto su. Servicio

A*** Verified Purchase 02-02-2024

Hermoso muchas gracias!!

G*** G*** Verified Purchase 01-02-2024

Todo muy bien, gracias

M*** E*** M*** A*** Verified Purchase 27-01-2024

¿Y la foto?

I*** C*** S*** Verified Purchase 03-01-2024

Flores frescas y bellas

S*** I*** P*** A*** Verified Purchase 16-12-2023

D*** R*** Verified Purchase 15-12-2023

Me encantó que me mandaran foto antes de la entrega y que en todo momento me informaron sobre el estatus de mi pedido.

L*** G*** Verified Purchase 10-12-2023