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Lilies And Lindt 120G
Lilies And Lindt 120G

Lilies And Lindt 120G

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Product Details
White Lilium : 21 pcs

We present the exquisite arrangement Lilies and Lindt 120g: the perfect expression of love and affection for that special person in your life. This amazing arrangement presents an impressive combination of elegant lilies, Pristino White Lirio and delicious Lindt chocolates, all beautifully presented in a sophisticated glass vase. It is an unforgettable gift that promises to cause lasting impression.

Our arrangement of lilies and Lindt 120 g shows the immaculate beauty of lilies, an intemporal symbol of purity, innocence and grace. These captivating flowers are complemented by the delicate charm of the white lily, whose immaculate petals evoke a feeling of serenity and tranquility. The inclusion of the luxurious 120 g bubones add a touch of indulgence to this charming gift, creating a harmonious mix of beauty and flavor.

The Lilies and Lindt 120G arrangement is presented in an elegant crystal vase, which not only confers an air of sophistication to the whole, but also allows it to be exposed and preserved effortlessly. The glass vase is both elegant and durable, which guarantees that its attentive gift remains a precious memory for years.

We understand that the beauty of flowers lies in their natural state and, therefore, some flowers of the arrangement lilies and lindt 120g can be sent closed or unopened due to seasonal conditions. Be sure that these closed flowers will open in 1-2 days at room temperature, allowing the recipient to enjoy all the splendor of this magnificent arrangement.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lfbun072
Reviews (42)

Mí madre quedó muy complacida y feliz. Y gracias por cumplir con lo que ofrecen

P*** B*** C*** Verified Purchase 09-05-2024

precioso el arreglo, le encantó pero adelantaron 3 hrs la entrega y arruinaron la sorpresa

I*** V*** Verified Purchase 29-03-2024

Excellence in Service Nice products

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 09-03-2024

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 06-03-2024

Friendly ,delivery at time , excellent, service, I recommend , of course thank you very much, made me happy to made happy my lovers

C*** Verified Purchase 29-02-2024

excelente servicio y a tiempo siempre. Recomendado al 100%

L*** M*** Verified Purchase 16-02-2024


S*** R*** Verified Purchase 02-02-2024

Me preocupé al principio porque no se entregó al destinatario pero después se arregló todo. Gracias, buen servicio y el pedido muy bonito.

A*** A*** Verified Purchase 09-11-2023

A*** C*** Verified Purchase 23-10-2023

D*** H*** Verified Purchase 04-08-2023

Extraordinario arreglo floral. En esta ocasión, no hubo existencia de los chocolates de marca Lindt, pero los sustituyeron por unos Ferrero Rocher que son igual de magníficos. ¡Muchas gracias!

C*** D*** J*** I*** G*** Verified Purchase 18-07-2023

J*** P*** L*** Verified Purchase 30-06-2023

C*** S*** Verified Purchase 21-06-2023

V*** Verified Purchase 13-06-2022

Un servicio excelente

M*** D*** L*** C*** Verified Purchase 04-06-2022

Excelente servicio. Excelente

J*** H*** Verified Purchase 01-06-2022


J*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2022

Excellent service, great quality and price. Will be using again in the future!

M*** L*** V*** M*** Verified Purchase 11-04-2022

C*** C*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2022

N*** L*** Verified Purchase 19-01-2022

Excelente servicio

J*** R*** Verified Purchase 30-12-2021

Excelente y a tiempo, como siempre! :)

M*** Verified Purchase 26-11-2021

Su servicio es la segunda vez que lo utilizo y todo en orden son confiables y seguros Gracias

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 19-11-2021

Buen servicio, buena calidad de flores

A*** G*** Verified Purchase 19-10-2021

Excelente servico

J*** A*** R*** E*** Verified Purchase 18-10-2021

J*** H*** Verified Purchase 16-10-2021

Todo perfecto , muchas gracias.

T*** B*** Verified Purchase 23-09-2021

F*** Verified Purchase 15-09-2021

Excelente servicio bonitos arreglos y muy fácil de comprar entrega rápida

S*** M*** Verified Purchase 03-09-2021

Llego bien, en tiempo adecuado, y el producto es igual que en la foto

A*** L*** J*** Verified Purchase 26-08-2021

Le encantó a mi novia. Gracias

F*** G*** Verified Purchase 20-08-2021

F*** Verified Purchase 31-07-2021

L*** M*** Z*** C*** Verified Purchase 08-07-2021

T*** Q*** S*** Y*** R*** Verified Purchase 05-07-2021


G*** A*** Verified Purchase 01-07-2021

Excelente servicio, súper rápida y eficaz atención al cliente, desde ahora mi tienda favorita para enviar detalles a Mexico.

N*** P*** Verified Purchase 24-06-2021

J*** Verified Purchase 27-05-2021

Excelente servicio!! El arreglo hermoso !!

M*** Á*** G*** Verified Purchase 19-05-2021

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 13-05-2021

J*** M*** Verified Purchase 12-05-2021

Always on time and they give exactly what I asked for. I've been buying present for three years and I'm very satisfied with the service.

T*** E*** N*** G*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2021

A*** N*** Verified Purchase 23-04-2021