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Lindt Roses, Roses And Chocolate
Lindt Roses, Roses And Chocolate

Lindt Roses, Roses And Chocolate

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Product Details
Pink Carnation : 20 pcs White Rose : 12 pcs

Mime to their loved ones with this exquisite combination of pink carnation, oasis, white pink and Lindt Lindor milk bag, all beautifully presented in a personalized design box. This luxurious gift is perfect to express your love and appreciation, so it is an ideal option for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion.

Our florist experts select by hand every pink and white pink carnation to create an elegant and timeless arrangement that captures the essence of love and romanticism. Clavel Pink vibrant, also known as carnations, symbolize a deep affection and create an impressive contrast with white pink pristines, or white roses, which embody purity and innocence. Oasis vegetation adds a fresh and natural touch to the arrangement, creating a delicious harmony of colors and textures.

To raise this gift to a new level of indulgence, we have included a delicious Lindt Lindor Bag bag - a real delight for chocolate connoisseurs. These soft and creamy milk chocolate truffles are famous for their irresistible flavor and delicate texture, which makes them the perfect accompaniment for the beautiful floral arrangement.

The personalized design box adds an extra touch of sophistication and elegance to this gift already impressive. Elegantly elaborate, the box not only protects the delicate flowers and the chocolates, but also serves as a lasting memory that will remind its loved one to be attentive.

Note that, due to seasonal conditions, some flowers of the arrangement can be sent closed.

The flowers in the arrangement can be of different colors and sizes depending on the stock status.

Some of the flowers in the flower arrangement can be sent closed, even if they do not bloom due to seasonal conditions. Closed flowers open within 1-2 days, at room temperature.

Product Code: lfbun061
Reviews (34)

Excelente servicio ! ! ! ! aunque el tamaño del arreglo es mas pequeño de lo que pensé

G*** G*** C*** R*** Verified Purchase 25-11-2023

Al principio creí que no llegaría mi pedido, porque lo solicité para entregarlo en la mañana, sin embargo, me comuniqué y me recomendaron reagendar la entrega debido a un problema del sistema. Al final sí llegaron las flores que pedí, en el tiempo establecido nuevamente. Además, le gustó mucho a la persona que se lo di.

J*** A*** Verified Purchase 16-03-2023

G*** F*** N*** Verified Purchase 01-03-2023

me gusta mucho el concepto y todo esta muy ordenado. Sigan con ese mismo profesionalismo.

I*** N*** Verified Purchase 03-11-2022

excelente 👌

A*** P*** Verified Purchase 16-10-2022

siempre con hermosas flores, haciendo felices a las personas

J*** R*** L*** Verified Purchase 07-10-2022

siempre entregan flores hermosas

J*** R*** L*** Verified Purchase 03-10-2022

T*** S*** Verified Purchase 11-02-2022


K*** S*** H*** Verified Purchase 04-02-2022

Muchas gracias.

F*** G*** Verified Purchase 19-01-2022

Excelente Servicio.Todo se recibió como esperado.

A*** A*** Verified Purchase 18-01-2022

K*** Verified Purchase 27-11-2021

Muy bonito servicio genial

C*** V*** Verified Purchase 12-10-2021

C*** J*** Verified Purchase 07-10-2021

Entrega de acuerdo al tiempo comprometido, fácil de operar y con un seguimiento efectivo.. Primera vez que la uso y me dejó bastante satisfecha.

G*** P*** Verified Purchase 09-09-2021

L*** U*** Verified Purchase 20-07-2021

C*** R*** Verified Purchase 15-07-2021

V*** J*** Verified Purchase 10-07-2021

Muy buen servicio, excelente

P*** Verified Purchase 18-06-2021

L*** S*** Verified Purchase 17-06-2021

Excelente servicio

J*** J*** V*** C*** Verified Purchase 14-06-2021

Excelente como siempre. Gracias

L*** L*** Verified Purchase 02-06-2021

Excelente servicio y seguimiento del pedido paso a paso, un placer poder contar con este servicio en el mismo día!

M*** J*** A*** Verified Purchase 28-05-2021

S*** F*** Verified Purchase 15-05-2021

Gracias! Llegó en tiempo perfecto y cumplió mis expectativas.

M*** E*** Verified Purchase 11-05-2021

Me encanto el servicio gracias

E*** M*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2021

Entrega a tiempo y flores de buena calidad... Además nos enviaron como regalo dos sidras :)

B*** H*** Verified Purchase 10-05-2021

Le encanto a mi hija. Hermoso arreglo floral, con las flores de buen gusto y muy bonitas.

S*** T*** S*** Verified Purchase 04-05-2021

Gracias por todo. Excelente servicio

G*** M*** Verified Purchase 19-04-2021

S*** A*** C*** Verified Purchase 19-04-2021

M*** Verified Purchase 16-04-2021

Muy puntuales, y la receptora esta muy contenta. Gracias

O*** C*** T*** Verified Purchase 09-04-2021

M*** A*** M*** Verified Purchase 07-04-2021

Incredible customer service. Order delivered on time. Recomend to everyone. Happy regular customer.

E*** V*** Verified Purchase 09-03-2021